Traditional Master’s

Completing an advanced degree in global studies

The Master of Global Studies program welcomes all interested students regardless of their undergraduate major and experiences. The program is flexible for all students to attend either full-time or part-time. Flexible completion options allow you to complete this degree and continue to work without inconvenience. As a student in the Master of Global Studies program you must complete a minimum of 39 credit hours to graduate. Students must also complete the equivalent of two years of courses in any modern language offered either at Missouri State University or at another institution of higher learning.  In some cases, international students may substitute their native language, if it is not English, for the language requirement if it is related to their cognate field. You will complete the required core courses along with courses from one of the following cognate fields:

  • International relations/comparative politics
  • Public administration
  • International economics and business
  • National security

You will work with an advisor in the department to determine which cognate field of study will best fulfill your academic and professional needs.