Accelerated Master's

Missouri State students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in political science may be eligible to enter the accelerated MPA program. By entering the MPA program early, you are able to count up to 12 hours of courses taken during your senior year for both your undergraduate and MPA degrees.

Why complete an accelerated MPA at MSU? You add value to your academic and real-world experiences while minimizing the costs of graduate school. As a student in the accelerated program, the intensive environment reinforces your ability to lead organizations, plan and execute effective policy, and meet the safety needs of the public.

Similar program

If you're interested in gaining graduate-level knowledge and skills in public administration without pursuing a full master's degree, consider the graduate certificate in public management.

Admission requirements

To be admitted into the Master’s of Public Administration program, you must meet specific requirements:

Admission requirements for the accelerated MPA option
  1. Public administration and political science undergraduate students must have at least junior standing and a minimum of 60 credit hours.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum 3.50 GPA in the public administration or political science curriculum and 3.00 overall GPA.
  3. Students in the Accelerated Master’s Degree Program must maintain a 3.50 GPA in the public administration and/or political science curriculums and maintain a 3.00 overall GPA to remain in the program.
  4. Transfer students will be allowed into the Accelerated Master's Degree Program.  Transfer students must have a minimum of 30 graded hours of course work at Missouri State University before they can be accepted into the program.
  5. A maximum of 12 credits of accumulated graduate hours may be applied toward completion of their undergraduate degree requirements.  The following courses will be allowed:

    Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
    PLS 673 Policy Analysis 3 hrs
    PLS 676 Quantitative Methods of Political Science and Public Policy 3 hrs
    PLS 771 Seminar in Public Administration 3 hrs
    PLS 781 In-Service Training in Public Administration 3 hrs