Faculty and Staff

Dr. George E. Connor

Research and professional interests: Literature and politics; biblical criticism; Missouri politics

Dr. Mark C. Ellickson

Research and professional interests: State legislative politics; job satisfaction; survey research methodology; applied survey research for governmental, commercial, and non-profit organizations

Dr. Dennis V. Hickey

Research and professional interests: International relations of East Asia

Dr. David E. Johnson

Dr. David E. Johnson

Master of Public Administration Program Director

Research and professional interests: Use of Information technology in decision making; computer simulation and modeling for disaster response; social vulnerability; integration of geographic information systems in public service

Dr. James B. Kaatz

Research and professional interests: Employee motivation; local government employee compensation; Public service motivation; cooperation and conflict among local elected officials

Dr. Gabriel A. Ondetti

Dr. Gabriel A. Ondetti

Associate Professor
Director of the Master of Global Studies Program

Research and professional interests: Latin American politics (especially Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia); social movements; land reform; taxation; social policy

Dr. Joel W. Paddock

Research interests: American political parties, political party activism, intra-party integration, interest group politics

Dr. Indira Palacios-Valladares

Research and professional interests: Chilean labor politics and women’s social and political participation in Latin America; Latin-American student movements and attempts to explain why student mobilization varies across the region

Dr. Kevin M. Pybas

Dr. Kevin M. Pybas

Associate Professor
University Pre-Law Advisor

Research and professional interests: The law of church and state; constitutional law; modern and contemporary liberal political thought; American political thought; religion and politics

Dr. Yuhua Qiao

Research and professional interests: Public risk management; public procurement; politics in state budgeting; interstate fiscal disparities; revenue forecasting; China’s pension system; China revenue policies China’s health policies

Dr. Patrick G. Scott

Research and professional interests: Bureaucracy; red tape; leadership; strategic management; program evaluation

Susan A. Smith

Susan A. Smith

Non-student Part-time
Undergraduate Academic Advisor