Faculty and Staff

Dr. George E. Connor

Research and professional interests: Literature and politics; biblical criticism; Missouri politics

Dr. Mark C. Ellickson

Research and professional interests: State legislative politics; job satisfaction; survey research methodology; applied survey research for governmental, commercial, and non-profit organizations

Dr. Dennis V. Hickey

Research and professional interests: International relations of East Asia

Dr. David E. Johnson

Dr. David E. Johnson

Master of Public Administration Program Director

Research and professional interests: Use of Information technology in decision making; computer simulation and modeling for disaster response; social vulnerability; integration of geographic information systems in public service

Dr. James B. Kaatz

Research and professional interests: Employee motivation; local government employee compensation; Public service motivation; cooperation and conflict among local elected officials

Dr. Ashley Leinweber

Dr. Ashley Leinweber

Associate Professor
Interim Director of the Master of Global Studies Program

Dr. Gabriel A. Ondetti

Research and professional interests: Latin American politics (especially Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia); social movements; land reform; taxation; social policy

Dr. Joel W. Paddock

Research interests: American political parties, political party activism, intra-party integration, interest group politics

Dr. Indira Palacios-Valladares

Research and professional interests: Chilean labor politics and women’s social and political participation in Latin America; Latin-American student movements and attempts to explain why student mobilization varies across the region

Dr. Kevin M. Pybas

Dr. Kevin M. Pybas

Associate Professor
University Pre-Law Advisor

Research and professional interests: The law of church and state; constitutional law; modern and contemporary liberal political thought; American political thought; religion and politics

Dr. Yuhua Qiao

Research and professional interests: Public risk management; public procurement; politics in state budgeting; interstate fiscal disparities; revenue forecasting; China’s pension system; China revenue policies China’s health policies

Dr. Patrick G. Scott

Research and professional interests: Bureaucracy; red tape; leadership; strategic management; program evaluation

Susan A. Smith

Susan A. Smith

Per Course Faculty
Undergraduate Academic Advisor